digital_ia is one of the few events in Poland, which tackles the issue of new media art. The festival provides a platform for presenting the latest developments on the borderline of science and art. Artists invited to come to digital_ia are the most provocative creators of contemporary cyber culture: visual and digital artists, scientists, media experts, engineers, visionaries of artificial intelligence. Continue reading

Workshop’s effects at the WRO Résumé exhibition


The WRO Résumé exhibition has just gotten bigger thanks to new works developed during the last week’s workshops by Karina Smigla-Bobiński, author of the installation “Simulacra” presented during Biennale WRO 2015 – the workshop has announced the City / Laboratory of the Future project prepared by Edwin Bendyk within the program of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016.
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Digits at Art & Engineering Challenge

digital big screen

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary Aavid Thermalloy company organized an international exhibition of Art and Engineering Challenge. This exhibition is devoted to the work of operating on the border of science and art. Among the 21 works selected for exhibition was my realization entitled “Digits”. Continue reading

First Prize for Digits at DigitalBigScreen

digital big screen

In Trbovlje (Slovenia) in 2009 was initiate the TNM program (Trbovlje New Media City). Main TNM events are: Speculum Artium New Media Art Festival and International Video Festival DigitalBigScreen. I am very pleased that at DigitalBigScreen my work was honoured and recieved the first prize. Continue reading

Parousia at ZA SZAFĄ Gallery

paruzja naglowek

Joanna Bonder’s solo exhibition “Parousia” at “Za Szafą” ZPAF Gallery
Wrocław, Poland: August 11 – September 14, 2014
Opening on Thursday, 14th August, 6 pm. Continue reading

Digits at 2014 Short Film Festival

please hold

Please Hold Magazine is proud to present its inaugural short film festival in St. Louis, Missouri: Somebody’s Reality. Featuring 27 videos from around the world, this film festival brings together the local and the international, the emerging and the established, the students, the teachers, and the trailblazers to celebrate the universality of art. Continue reading

Digits at FONLAND Festival


The On Line Festival for Digital Arts on its 10th edition comes under the aegis of collaborative networking, intending to exploit the potential of the internet in the dissemination of digital art by online presentations, screenings and video installations in alternative spaces, streaming performances, workshops, residencies , etc. Continue reading

Rope and Digits at ESPACIO ENTER


ESPACIO ENTER is a project  created and directed by  ARTECHMEDIA, non-profit international cultural organization founded and directed by the artists Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco.
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