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Joanna Bonder

Joanna Bonder born in 1987 in Wrocław, Poland. MA in faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Arts at The Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. In 2011 she finished B.A studies in prof Andrzej P.Bator’s Studio of Photomedia and in prof Stanislaw Sasak’s Studio of Multimedia Design. Her M.A diploma work was created in the Studio of Multimedia Design. In 2012, Joanna was awarded with the scholarship granted by the President of Wroclaw City and by the Academy’s Chancellor. Her projects are carried out through multimedia pictures and photography, combining traditional and modern techniques. The author often refers to the conceptual solutions. Her works may be seen as universal, simultaneously they refer to her personal experiences.

Jacek Żebrowski

Creative output of Joanna Bonder (born in 1987) is formally linked to popular idea of conceptuality, however themes are within several different areas. One of the them is popular image of deconstruction and reflecting upon perception of modern human. Another area, which is explored by Joanna is mortality, time passing, memory and even occultism and mysticism which are not as popular among new media artists. (…)

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(…) In her videos, there is a strive to analyse human perception and to break the habits of new media viewers’. This specific insight into surrounding images is made by means of contrary method: if it is the mass culture that uses images in order to hold viewers in thrall for the purpose of mass consumption by means of sharp cut fast video editing, then Bonder is the one who uses the same medium in to reflect consciously upon its nature. I could even be asserted that the author jeopardizes human perception in general, stating for modern neurobiology and science, that our perception is only a creation of mind.

Jacek Żebrowski (born 1979 in Olsztyn) – novelist, journalist, co-editor of art-zine “Paper at the bottom.” The texts published in “Rita Baum”, “Inny Świat”, “Borussia”, “RED”, “Undergrunt”, “minimalbooks”, “A-tak”, “Akcja”, Indymedia, e-teatr.pl. Constant associate of anarchist quarterly “Inny Świat” (Another World). Research Territories: video art, documentary film, semiotics, contemporary literature. He lives in Wrocław.