Digits at 2014 Short Film Festival

please hold

Please Hold Magazine is proud to present its inaugural short film festival in St. Louis, Missouri: Somebody’s Reality. Featuring 27 videos from around the world, this film festival brings together the local and the international, the emerging and the established, the students, the teachers, and the trailblazers to celebrate the universality of art.

Featured Filmmakers:

Joanna Bonder | John R. Dilworth  | Robert Dohrmann | Addoley Dzegede | Marta Finkelstein | Molly Garrett, Hannah Carr & Emily Kenyon | Aaron Henderson & Mandy Cano | Villalobos | Bruce Humphries | Leanna Kaiser | Stephanie Kang | Cole Lu | Muriel Montini | Michelle Nahmad | Katherine Olvera | Brian C O’Malley | Catalina Ouyang | Edward | Ramsay-Morin | Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer | Kellie Spano | Daniel Stumeier | Maya Tatsukawa | Mark Tholander | Galadriel Thompson | Rita Zambori


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