photography; 2011


I placed my own figure in the background of the video film from 1992. The main theme of my production was not the funeral itself but the result which I tried to achieve.Quoting after Krzysztof Rutkowski from his book “Ostatni Pasaz”, I am trying to manipulate the picture for my private purpose:

“It was already known almost forty years ago that the real world changes into a picture, and these pictures become real so that people’s life slips away and the pictures of life begin to live their own life.”

A point of departure for the project was VHS cassette holding an amateur movie from the grandfather’s funeral in 1992. Nowadays technology enables me to covert analog image to digital one, therefore I can easily select particular frames. By editing photographs I am trying to enter reality which existed twenty years ago.

I am establishing a relationship with my relatives. I am trying to comfort them in this particular mourning moment, simultaneously drawing their attention to the future where nothing is the same. In the future this difficult moment I am going through will have become insignificant and forgotten. I am also talking to myself as if checking whether the reality from the photograph may change something into now. It is a naïve attempt to meet again with my father, still alive at that time. It is due to “live” video film where I see him differently than in my memory. My presence in the picture is a kind of autho-therapy. It touches on problem of passing and it exposes our powerlessness against wasted time where the only struggle I can undertake is a photo manipulation.