“Yiddish between Norway and Poland” at the White Stork Synagogue


9th August 2015 at 17:00 The Bente Kahan Foundation organized the opening of a post-workshop exhibit: „Yiddish between Norway and Poland”, in which I had the pleasure to attend and present work titled Bresloy.
It took place at The Center for Jewish Culture and Education at the White Stork Synagogue, Włodkowica 5a, Wroclaw.

The works on exhibit are the products of a summer art workshop led by the Israeli-born artist Yoav Rossano and inspired by Yiddish culture and tradition. The participants are artists from Poland and Norway. The workshop is part of the “Yidish far ale – Yiddish For All” project.

Participants: Joanna Bonder, Justyna Bułat, Marcin Czarnopyś, Katarzyna Dudziak, Kirsti Grotmol, Janina Laxness, Maria Łuc, Charles Michalsen, Monika Stanisławska, Malgorzata Szandala, Line With

Artist Assistants: Barbara Leboauf, Olivier Létang, Piotr Masny, Tomasz Tomaszewski

Leader: Yoav Rossano